Leon Berrangé

Contemporary Singing Voice Teacher (London)

Singer Leon Berrange performing
  • If your voice needs work, I am one of the most technically advanced and effective teachers giving singing lessons in London.
  • Singing lessons for advanced and professional singers

  • If you are an advanced or professional singer, work with me to develop the most advanced details of vocal production, and explore how this will enlarge your styling palette and expressivity.
  • Singing Lessons for beginners and intermediate singers

  • If you are a beginner or intermediate singer, let me help you learn and develop the foundations of a wide-ranging, safe and expressive vocal technique.
  • Vocal Production and Recording

  • In my specialist vocal tracking studio
  • hello

    I am a very complete singing teacher. I have focused only on singing technique and teaching for the past 15 years. Before that I gained essential background by being a professional musician for 15 years, running studios and producing music, as well as dealing with other business and technical interests in intellectual property management and engineering technology development. I also have a long-standing interest in healing arts such as massage, Alexander technique, ergonomics and biomechanical systems.

    This deep and varied background has enabled me to gain many unique insights into the functioning of the voice, its acoustical, biomechanical, muscular and neurological functioning.

    All of this allows me to work closely with you on your voice, making rapid and accurate assessment of your vocal status and finding effective counter and development measures as needed. Every person has their own individual need for information, and way of understanding, and I will share with you what you need to know to understand what is going on with your voice.

    My experience and my natural enjoyment of teaching, singing and of working with people will allow me to put you at your ease in the studio, and quickly build confidence and ability.

    I teach at Voxbox Camden studios. The address is
    Studio 3
    Voxbox Camden Studios
    164 Eversholt St
    London NW1 1BL

    I have full recording facilities, a great piano and a useful vocal booth. For song work we often work in a recording studio context, with the student in the booth on the headphones. That way we can get immediate feedback from whatever has just been recodes, discuss solutions and go right back and try again.

    Please check my calendar for availability. You can make bookings online