Being a Singer

e-book about singing technique
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Background info for Singers

13 Voice Workbook

Insofar as voice is the core of the singing process, this chapter is the core of the book. Here we give you some details about the practical steps involved in vocal development. 

Once again we must stress that you cannot learn to sing from a book. You will NOT get the sounds and shapes right. It's all simply too subtle and different. You need a properly aware teacher, and you may need to pay quite a high rate for lessons. Teachers train for 7 or more years to reach a reasonable standard, and of course this kind of expertise comes at a price. 

The aim of this chapter is to give you information that will allow you to select the right teacher and will reduce the amount of time you spend in lessons. Many experienced singers have figured out a lot of this stuff for themselves, but need to fill in the blanks and make the connections.