Being a Singer

e-book about singing technique
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Background info for Singers

5 Beginners

In this chapter we begin the more practical part of the book. Voice production is at the core of singing, so that's where we start.

We have distinguished earlier between different voice production ideals within different styles. In our vocal development work we will be aiming towards understanding the production of what is often known as 'Full voice'. Not everybody needs or wants to use full voice, but this is the pinnacle of singing technical achievement and will open doors to artistic expression that were unknown before. It is the 'industry standard' for singers. 

Working hard when singing does not necessarily mean you are singing your best. Working hard in the right way means your voice is clear, focussed and strong. Working hard in the wrong way creates a forced tone and limits range and mobility.


When you feel the insecurity of singing high: when your feet are not on the ground you are either FALLING or FLYING. Active Vowels: Hit each one squarely The voice channels very little physical energy: mostly mental energy The controls: Tone loudness style: cords, air, vowel. Vowel controls head/chest balance.