Being a Singer

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Beginner Level Intro
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Here are some things I need to tell you about as you start. This is also a good checklist to make sure you understand all of the elements in basic singing technique.

Firstly you need to read the first three chapters of this book. There you will find some essential background information, which will answer questions like: "What is the singing voice," and "How does the singing process work?" There are also sections dealing with basics such as how sound works,and critical pieces of knowledge such as what resonators are, and how they affect the sound. 

Additionally, the segment on 'Pre-Singing Skills' deals with the several special skills we draw upon during the singing process. All developing singers should make sure that they have a strategy in place for gaining and developing these core skills. 

You may not be new to singing, but if you are new to technical study of singing, or if you have trained in a different technique, you should work right through all this material to make sure you have no gaps in your knowledge.  

The first steps in singing will mean getting familiar with some new skills and concepts, and beginning to see some familiar things in new ways. 

Make sure you are familiar with the info about voice and vocal development in the previous chapters


  1. Understand the basic vocal mechanism and resonators
  2. Begin exploring the singing vowels and why they are special, and gain initial understanding and skill in formation. 
  3. Gain basic insight into consonants and how they sit inside the vowel path. 
  4. Learn about a stable throat and why it is important, and the tools we use to eliminate jumpy movements in throat and larynx.
  5. Work on posture and breathing to get control of your air supply
  6. Learn to hear objectively
  7. Understand the nature of a sung sound and the role of pitch in how we sing. 

There are some some additional general background items as well at this level