Being a Singer

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How to use this book

There is a lot to learn in singing. In this chapter you have been reading about a few of the new concepts that you need to understand. 

The following 4 chapters present a summary of the learning path from beginner to professional level. To make things easier to follow, I have divided the material up into 8 categories or 'threads' so that you encounter the same headings at each level, There is of course other material introduced at each level as well. But if you are trying to understand something, you can follow it through the levels to find out more information. They are colour-coded for clarity. 

The threads are: 

  1. The Shapes: How to form the singing sounds in the vocal tract
  2. The Press: How to maintain a stable open throat
  3. The Air and the Cords: How to generate a strong steady sound
  4. The Process: How the above elements work together in time to create the singing voice
  5. The Controls: How the voice is controlled in real-time for expressive and technical purposes
  6. Applications: How the voice is used in song
  7. Additional Info: Musical, technical, stylistic and other info
  8. Outcomes and Goals: Continuously reviewing progress and expectations.


There are also sidebars, and various types of info areas which flag up imprtant things







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