Leon Berrangé



I have been in music all my life and I never got famous. But I have a wonderful time doing what I love, sharing the joy of music with so many fantastically talented people.

After many years in bands and as a home studio owner, I have been studying and teaching singing since about 1998. I was very fortunate to study for about 6 years with various members of Seth Riggs' 'Speech Level Singing' organization, and achieved the coveted Level 3 Instructor certification. My initial degree is from the University of Cape Town drama school, where I studied academic drama and professional acting.

My extensive knowledge of acoustics through my work in recording studios, my many thousands of nights onstage in gigging and resort bands, my multi-instrumental and multi-stylistic musical skills, along with my abiding interest in alternative therapies and in human communication, have allowed me to bring to singing teaching a unique combination of skills that has aided my understanding of this incredibly complex and demanding pedagogy.

Having moved from messing about with audio electronics back in the 1960's, to bands to studios to teaching, it is gratifying that we now have at Voxbox a superlative quality studio where we now record many of our wonderful singers.