Leon Berrangé

Musician and Producer

  • I'm not currently playing in bands at the moment.
  • I am available for studio work on guitar, keyboards and vocals.
  • I started out as a drummer and one of my strongest things is driving rhythm playing, on guitar or piano.
  • I also like doing hooky, melodic lead sections on guitar or synth.
  • I am a strong sound-designer with many years of analog and digital synth programming.
  • I no longer play kit (except sometimes, badly...) but love programming drums, especially 'real drum emulations'.
  • Instruments:

    Guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals:

    Here are some backtracks for the old solo days...

    • [audio:http://leonberrange.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/AFRICA_S.mp3|titles=AFRICA]

    First, some history...

    • Schooldays... late 60's: Played drums in local bands and shows. Took up basic guitar.
    • Drama School...Played a bit of strummy guitar, took up electric guitar.
    • 1974-1978... Started piano
    • 1979-1980... Studied Jazz piano in Cape Town. Musical director in student shows.
    • 1981... First 'pro' residency playing guitar and vocal in duo.
    • 1982... New duo with Ruth Reichman on Vocal and Bass. Pro residencies.
    • 1983-1985... Expanded to 6 piece band. Resort residencies. Nice one!
    • 1985-1993... Moved to London with Ruth Reichman and all the equipment. Carried on working as duo, in the pubs and residencies abroad in the summers. When not playing, spent time in the studio writing and demoing songs.